• Building Organisms

    3 July 2011 – 21 July 2011
    Build Your Own Manifesto Exhibition
    by Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM)
    MAP@Publika, Whitebox Gallery
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Modern designs for increasingly mega and repetitive projects hinge upon economics, politics and ‘iconic’ statements. Do we craft spaces to inspire living or do pre-conceived notions of living based on market trends dictate our designs? Is nature truly in symbiosis with buildings or is it mere leftover space? Perhaps a paradigm shift is what we need. Imagine the building as a living form. It relies on living beings as its lifeblood and nature as its bodily system. To achieve equilibrium and harmony, this must work together. Contemplate more closely at architecture, not as mere static objects but as a part of us.

    Photography: Eiffel Chong