• Eigent House

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Nestled in a high-end enclave at Kuala Lumpur, this bungalow is an ancestral residence that is home to a young family. Their brief was to modernize the home while preserving its existing layout and form to conserve their familiarity and comfort.

    Thus, existing spaces were streamlined while alterations create the impression of spontaneity and continuity. The main family activity areas were extended through the periphery via the creation of intermediary spaces such as timber decks and rock gardens. This transition aims to effortlessly connect the interior and the lush exterior garden.

    Openings were created in the double height volume dining area to create spaciousness by light and views. Serving as its nucleus, a large square window fitted with an automated glass screen projects a sublime painting of nature, in this case an old majestic tree.

    The private elevated pool was a later addition that also serves as the car porch below. Access to the pool is linked to the ground level via a sculptural spiral staircase and the family room on the first floor. This pristine white  pool creates natural hues of blue, which further enhances its infinity effect and offers a view of the city’s skyline.

    Photography: Ceavs Chua