• Man & God Doll

    Man & God Exhibitions
    by 3nity Design
    at China, Korea, Taiwan.

    The Russian Doll or Matryoshka Doll, with its multilayer structure, is a great canvas for telling a story or conveying a message in sequence. It was used as a canvas for designers to express their ideas, thoughts and views on the subject of Man and God and the existential quest.

    Man & God is a project by Art4Soul. It seeks to explore the relationship between Man and God through the eyes and ideas of creative minds of different faiths and various cultures. It re-examines the ancient questions of God in a new way at a crucial time.

    In my interpretation of the artwork, I questioned the notion of the existence and residence of God. If you use the book as a metaphor to find God, don’t just read the words but try to read in between the lines.