• The Light Show

    16 April 2009 – 3 May 2009
    The Light Show Exhibition
    Annexe Gallery, Central Market
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    GU-LIGHT I remember myself as a child who would stare into the guli (marble) and was always hypnotized by the swirls of colours floating in the glass. The art works represent a fusion of abandoned wooden crates and other junk material, light and guli to create a feeling of nostalgic magic.

    ELECTROLYTE The artwork is a signifier for the creepy evolution of the computer. Since its birth, it has intrigued mankind but observations lately tell us that the computer seems to be assimilating profusely into our lives. Not long ago, I used to laugh at the notion of the Terminator in the movies but now, I am terrified of witnessing its slow birth. Electrolyte represents the computer’s emergence as a living breathing entity. Beware of the computer!